Foreign investment process in Colombia

Colombia is one of the most desired investment destinations for foreigners, due to its high profitability and low maintenance costs. Our expert investment lawyers will advise you at every step of the process, so you can invest from anywhere in the world and look after your assets. 

How to start when you want to invest?

As a foreigner, there are several options to invest in Colombia, so it is important to have an expert’s advice who study each case and help you make the best decision. Choosing the assistance of Servicio Legal is the best decision for you, your future, and your assets. 



Types of foreign investment in Colombia

We advise you so that your investment is successful. Our lawyers help you choose the best type of investment for your case, assist you in each step of the investment by reviewing compliance with requirements and legal documentation, present these to the different public entities, and provide legal advice at all times of the process. Our lawyers specialize in advising on Real estate investment and company creation.

Investment in real estate (purchase of a property)

Do you need a lawyer to advise you with the purchase of a property in Colombia?

Colombia is growing more and more as a tourist destination. With its low housing rates it is an ideal place to buy a property, whether for residence, vacation or for investment. Buying real estate is an activity that, although easy, one must be very careful, because it has a series of steps that, if not done correctly, the result could be a loss of money and time for the buyer. 

Therefore, in Servicio Legal we have expert lawyers in real estate investment, who will assist you with the investment from the first moment until it ends successfully, to achieve a legal and safe process. 

What does it take to buy a real estate in Colombia?

A foreigner of legal age can buy a property in Colombia if they have a valid passport and the resources to cover the value of the property.

Our services:

  • Study of the property titles.
  • Advice on the signing of the purchase and sale commitment (legal document). 
  • Purchase and legalization of the money.
  • Opening of a bank account.
  • Elaboración de la escritura.
  • Registration before a notary.
  • Representation by proxy, to set up your company from your country of residence without traveling to Colombia for legal proceedings.  

Trust our experts and make a smart investment. 

Company creation

Do you need a lawyer to advise you with the creation of your company in Colombia?

Creating a company in Colombia can be a difficult job, especially for people who do not know the country's regulations in depth. There are several prior steps and legal documentation that must be in place in order to start with the structuring and creation of a business in Colombia; so we recommend you to seek advice with one of our expert lawyers to be sure you meet all the requirements, and you could achieve your dream. 

We believe that having your own business is fighting for your dreams, Colombia is known for having a very agile legal system in terms of business creation, however we must keep in mind that once you create and register your business you will be required to comply with all legal and fiscal requirements, and you will be also supervised by state regulatory entities and audited under Colombian legislation; that is why it is important that during the creation process you have an expert accompaniment, so together we achieve that dream. We have experience in the whole subject of company creation for foreigners. 

Our services:

  • Advice to define the most convenient corporate figure for your company.
  • Question and answer session to understand your needs better and clarify doubts regarding the process. 
  • Preparation of the Company's statutes. 
  • Study of final draft of the statutes.
  • Commercial Registry of the company. 
  • Application for Commercial License. 
  • Application for RUT (Tax payer Identification Number) before DIAN (National Directorate of Taxes and Customs). 
  • Procedure for Digital Signature.
  • Registration and legalization of foreign money before the Bank of the Colombian Republic.
  • Obtainment of Official Accounting Books before the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Advice on the structuring of the company's capital.
  • Opening of a bank account in Colombia. 
  • Substitute legal representation for up to two months, to set up your company from your country of residence without traveling to Colombia for legal proceedings.  

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